Wednesday, 23 January 2008



Yes, I joined a gym! Now, you're supposed to laugh and say "You're kidding, right?" No, REALLY! I did. A girl who prefers not to sweat unless you place her in the desert. Doctor's orders! Believe me, I would not have come up with this idea on my own.

Having hyperextended both knees in high school...mind you it wasn't a sports related injury (although I did, proudly, run track for a season). It was a graduation party that led to my demise. While relaxing with my legs up on a coffee table as I chatted with my girlfriends, a "pickled" friend proceeded to come out of nowhere and do a belly-flop on both of my legs.

Much pain, one surgery, and lots of rehab later I'm still feeling the brunt of it all. Being a mom of a three year old boy, I thought I was getting plenty of exercise (which I defined as "continued rehab" doctor didn't find it to be quite an adequate comparison). After my recent visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon, he again suggested some "Serious Rehab". However, the fact that my insurance would have me paying almost $400 in copays for one month of rehab, the doctor suggested I use my money wisely and join a gym...hence, my present situation.

So, under a friend's suggestion, I joined L.A. Fitness. I still chuckle at the thought! But I have to admit, I actually enjoy it. Yesterday was my scheduled meeting with the "TRAINER", ugh! After an hour of evaluation, Clinton (the "unforgiving trainer", who reminds me of the huge guy in "The Green Mile") let me know that I'm classified as a "Skinny Fat Person" due to the fact that I'm so out of shape. To tell you the truth, after what he had me do yesterday, I'm surprised I can walk today! It's only been a week and I'm still alive...we'll see how I do tomorrow.

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